Report 2022

For the future…

...ensuring employee development, effective use of natural resources, safety, environmental protection, long-term economic value.

Record high foreign sales

Higher share of foreign sales y/y
PLN billion
Foreign sales value

In the difficult 2022 environment the Group generated record high consolidated sales. Exports grew by 34% y/y, and in effect, the share of foreign sales in 2022 was as high as 52%.

The financial results achieved in 2022 were the highest in the history of Grupa KĘTY S.A. This refers to all operating segments.

PLN million
Sales revenue
PLN million

The ambition of the segments is to maintain sales growth in the conditions of economic downturn. We also hope to increase the production capacity of assets and attract new customers within a short-term perspective.

Average annual production capacity utilisation
Headcount in 2022

Modern world invariably poses great challenges with regard to environmental protection, effective use of natural resources, or impact on the climate. The challenges refer to all, however, the business and production companies have the most to say.

GHG emissions intensity compared with the base year
Quantity of waste produced per ton of production

Direct and indirect GHG emissions (Scopes 1 and 2/location based) of the Capital Group companies located in Poland (MG CO2e/year)

Aluminium has an enormous potential due to its properties, such as durability, corrosion resistance and, above all, complete recyclability. It is a desirable material with a view to climate-neutral economy, and indispensable for the development of renewable energy and electromobility, as well as perfectly suited to the circular economy concept.


70 thousand trees for 70 years of Grupa KĘTY

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Over half a thousand Eco-Heroes

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Photovoltaic panels in Slovenia

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The Capital Group engages in the communities of the areas where its companies are located. We have a real influence on our environment. We want to create positive change and, therefore, together with our employees who form local communities, we respond to challenges and needs and contribute to the region’s development.


Together with the GROUP

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We are guided by the idea of caring for the entrusted assets. By way of taking management decisions, we have a real influence on the value of the shares of our Company and the generated financial results.


The Stock Exchange Company of the Year

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Principles of operation

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We support the following Sustainable Development Goals